2018 Membership
Crestview Pool is again offering first year trial memberships where new members do not have to purchase a bond for the 2018 season. If new members decide to join the pool again for the 2019 season, they will need to purchase a bond via the bond payment options.
Any membership inquiries can be sent to CrestviewPoolMembership@gmail.com.
2018 Membership Dues
Single person - $310.00
Two Members - $420.00
Three Members - $480.00
Four Members - $540.00
Five Members - $600.00
Six Members - $660.00
Seven Members - $720.00
Eight Members - $780.00
One child caregiver may be added for $40
Children under two (born after 5/30/16) are free
Bond Options 1 Year 2 Year 3 Year Total
1 Year $500     $500
2 Year $300 $225   $525
3 Year $200 $200 $150 $550
Please pay via PayPal or return your membership check by May 7, 2018 to avoid a late fee of $20.00.
Membership Documents
2018 Membership Packet (word)
2018 Membership Packet (pdf)
Click on PayPal icon below to pay appropriate membership dues and bond payment:
 1. On the PayPal Crestview Recreation Association page, enter in the Price per item field the total amount due for Crestview Membership Dues and Bond Payment
 2. Click Continue and login to PayPal
 3. Select your Payment method
 4. Confirm the amount being paid
 5. Click Pay Now
 6. Confirm payment is completed (you should receive an email confirmation/receipt)
 7. Write down the transaction ID of the payment (you will write this transaction ID down and amount paid on the Crestview Membership paper work you mail in) 
 8. Print a copy of the receipt for your records
 9. Close your web browser window
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